Kamis, 12 April 2012


Damage to the environment is an inevitable consequence of worldwide improvements in the standard of living. Discuss.

It is undoubtable that for many decades, human’s standards of living are always changing to highest level. For many centuries ago, the human’s needs are only limited to food, clothes, and housing. Nowadays, people focus is not only limited on how I am not hungry and starve to death but also the quality of the food; or, I not only feel warm and comfortable but also what kind of materials is used leather or just a cotton; and, I not only have place to save me from wild and dangerous animals but also how large my house is.
Those prospective above doesn’t belong to someone. Most of people become greedy. They only think their own needs of living without realizing that their standards of living damage the environment. How many trees and forests are cut down for preserving human’s housing system? How many animals are killed? Forest destruction in Kalimantan Island, Indonesia, for example, causes big flood. Major numbers of log is preserved to make houses and its furniture. Major trees are proceeded to make a paper and now we are using it for doing IELTS writing test. Animals, just like Orang Utan, are really difficult to be found. Indonesian government is making lots of regulations to conserve and protect forest and animals.
The example above is categorized as a small destruction case. However, we cannot continue this wrong act. People who are given brain should think how to stop bad action. How do people change their own standard of living and pay more attention to the environment? The concept of ‘Back to Nature’ must be applied in each aspect of life. Food, for example, we can limit our routine in consuming a piece of meat per day into a piece of meat per week. In say so, we can wear clothes made from cotton and not from leather. In addition, we can plant at least a tree in our backyard.
Basically, it is easy to say and difficult to do. We can ask ourselves and families to stop the destruction and love environment. Let’s start to change our living to save environment.   

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