Kamis, 12 April 2012


Even though globalization affects the world’s economies in a positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. Discuss.

Nowadays, ‘globalization’ becomes popular term not only in big countries such as USA and China but also in developed countries just like in South East Asia countries. The term has become fundamental and basic element in our society. It has affected for Economics, Education and Culture, even in Politics. However, we have to be able to differ in what aspects this ‘globalization’ affects positively and negatively.
Starting with the good impacts, it is easily to say that globalization gives us lots of simplicity and fastness. In Economics world, the term has helped the big countries in widen its power to developed countries. In Harmony with it, the education and culture in a country can to be learned in a distance and without moving our chair once.  A young US girl can learn a Japanese tradition only by turning on her computer and connecting to internet modem. Furthermore, in a political term, countries can help a non stabilized country to overcome from domestic problems such as in Middle East.
It is important to us not to ignore the bad side from globalization. The easies given from globalization often make people tend to act lazily and don’t want to do something a bit difficult.  In the Economics, the small countries don’t have any opportunities to develop their country well. They look like under shadow of super power countries and can’t get out from the circle. In Education world, a student can’t count a mathematics problem without a calculator. In addition, globalization will politicize a country to be more powerful.
In short, however there are many good and bad impacts of globalization to our life, it is important for us to choose wisely. We can learn a lot good side from the globalization without disregarding to the bad side. 

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